Overview & Criteria

The University of Oregon Libraries' Digital Scholarship Center Grant Program invests in digital scholarship projects for research and pedagogy. Successful applications will demonstrate thoughtful consideration of project goals, timelines, and technology, as well as scholarly impact in the field of research, classroom applications, and commitment to intellectual engagement with the work.
Proposals are welcome from tenure track and non-tenure track faculty. All applications will be reviewed by the Digital Scholarship Center Advisory Council, a faculty-driven group that helps lead and support the University's digital scholarship programs and initiatives. Please visit the DSC Advisory Council website for more information.
Criteria used by the advisory council include, but are not limited to: 
  • Whether the project can be reasonably built and maintained
  • Explanation of how digital presentation creates a compelling argument
  • Relation to existing projects in the field, consultation with outside experts, and originality
  • Balance between design, content, and medium
  • Potential for leverage by other users, internal and external to UO
  • Impact of project beyond faculty sponsor and on other forms of scholarship
  • Consideration of sustainability and costs

Grant awardees must maintain continued intellectual engagement with the project through the grant and contribute to outreach initiatives to share project outcomes with the University and scholarly community. 

Digital Scholarship Center (DSC)
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